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Visa Lithuania

  • An alien wishing to obtain a single-entry short-stay visa (C) must submit the following documents to the institution issuing visas:
  • a completed application in the prescribed form;
  • a valid travel document (its period of validity must exceed the validity period of the requested visa by at least three months);
  • one 35 x 45 mm colour photograph corresponding to the age of the alien;
  • documents substantiating valid health insurance coverage;
  • an approved invitation, except for cases when such an invitation is not required or when another document equivalent to the invitation is presented;*
  • documents substantiating the right to return to the state of origin or the state in which the alien is a citizen or a permanent resident or the right to enter a third state;
  • a power of attorney certified by a notary public or in an equivalent manner when the application for a visa is lodged by an authorised representative on behalf of an alien;
  • when required, documents substantiating the purpose and conditions of the intended visit, available means of subsistence or a source where the alien is in a position to acquire such means while travelling through the territory of the Republic of Lithuania to another, the means available for return to the state of origin or for travel to another state.
To obtain a multiple-entry short-stay visa, a foreign national must submit documents substantiating of the necessity for such a visa to visa services or documents substantiating the circumstances entitling him to a multiple-entry short-stay visa. If a foreign national presents an invitation by a legal person to obtain a multiple-entry short-stay visa, he must also submit additional documents in evidence of his relations with that legal person.
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