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Almere is one of the youngest cities in the Netherlands: the first house was finished in 1976, and Almere became a municipality in 1984. The municipality of Almere comprises the districts Almere Stad, Almere Haven, Almere Buiten, Almere Hout, Almere Poort and Almere Pampus. Almere is a city and municipality in Flevoland, the Netherlands, bordering Lelystad and Zeewolde. It is the largest municipality in Flevoland with 184,405 citizens, and the 8th largest in the Netherlands. In October 2007, the city council of Almere made agreements with the government to expand the city to 350,000 inhabitants by 2030.
Amersfoort is located on two of the Netherlands' main east-west and north-south rail lines. Amersfoort is a municipality and the second largest city of the province of Utrecht in central Netherlands. The city is growing quickly and has a well-preserved medieval core. Amersfoort is one of the largest railway junctions in the country. The town celebrates its 750th birthday in 2009. The canal-system with its bridged, as well as medieval and other old buildings in the inner city are well-preserved and mostly designated as national monuments. In the Middle Ages, Amersfoort was an important centre for the textile industry, and there were a large number of breweries. The inner city of Amersfoort has been preserved very well since the Middle Ages. Apart from the Onze-Lieve-Vrouwetoren, the Koppelpoort , and the Muurhuizen (Wa...
Amsterdam is a city like Venice founded on and still today focused around water and waterways. However, unlike Venice, Holland's largest city is no mere museum piece. Amsterdam peddles tourists almost as slickly as it has peddled goods and services over the centuries. Amsterdam is a real, living and breathing metropolis, not just an oasis for tourists, those who like ‘a smoke' and men in search of extra-marital sex. In the canals beneath the stag parties and working girls, young Internet entrepreneurs strike deals across Europe from their houseboats and just outside the old core is the RAI, one of the continent's key conference and business hubs. As well as the chugging canal boats, the city's waterways also increasingly play home to massive cruise ships and cargo vessels from all over the world.
Apeldoorn is a municipality and city in the province of Gelderland, about 60 miles south east of Amsterdam, in the centre of the Netherlands. Apeldoorn is one of the most important employment centres in the Eastern Netherlands. It is a regional centre and has 136,208 inhabitants (January 2008). The municipality of Apeldoorn, including suburbs like Beekbergen, Loenen and Hoenderloo, has over 155,000 inhabitants. The western half of the municipality lies on the Veluwe ridge, the eastern half lies in the IJssel valley. Fred de Graaf of the VVD is the mayor of Apeldoorn. Apeldoorn possesses large paper-mills, many offices (Centraal Beheer, an insurance company; the Dutch Tax services; the "Kadaster", the governmentthat land registry service ; and some more), a newspaper company, some hospitals and nursing homes. With over ...
The City of Breda is divided in 7 stadsdelen: - Breda Centrum - Breda Noord-West (Haagse Beemden) - Breda Noord - Breda Zuid - Breda Zuid-Oost - Breda West - Breda Oost Also attached to the city are the former villages: - Prinsenbeek - Bavel - Teteringen - Ulvenhout. Breda is a municipality and a city in the southern part of the Netherlands. The name Breda derived from brede Aa ('broad Aa') and refers to the place where the rivers Mark and Aa come together. Breda's urban area is home to an estimated 200,000 people. Breda has a city centre with beautiful old buildings and singels (moats). The shops and a shopping mall are situated here. The city is also home to a museum devoted to General Stanislaw Maczek and the Polish 1st Armoured Division. There is also a Polish military cemetery, where general Maczek is buried.
Dordrecht is the oldest city in Holland and has a rich history and culture. Because of its long and important place in histroy, Dordrecht has a very rich culture. Dordrecht is a city and municipality in the Dutch province of South Holland, the Netherlands, and the fourth largest city of the province. The municipality covers the entire Dordrecht Island, also often called the Island of Dordt, bordered by the rivers Oude Maas, Beneden Merwede, Nieuwe Merwede, Hollands Diep, and Dordtsche Kil. Dordrecht is the largest and most important city in the Drechtsteden and is also part of the Randstad, the main conurbation in the Netherlands. The medieval city centre is home to over 950 monuments. The city also houses 7 churches and 6 museums in a relatively small area and hosts many festivals and events every year.
Eindhoven is a municipality and a city located in the province of Noord-Brabant in the south of the Netherlands, originally at the confluence of the Dommel and Gender streams. The Gender was dammed off in the post-war years, but the Dommel still runs through the city. Neighbouring cities and towns include Son en Breugel, Nuenen, Geldrop-Mierlo, Heeze-Leende, Waalre, Veldhoven, Eersel, Oirschot and Best. The agglomeration has some 440,000 inhabitants. The metropolitan area (which includes Helmond) has nearly 750,000 inhabitants. Also, Eindhoven is part of Brabant Stad, a combined metropolitan area with more than 2 million inhabitants. The villages and city that make up modern Eindhoven were originally built on sandy elevations between the Dommel, Gender and Tongelreep streams. Starting from the Nineteenth Century, the b...
Enschede is a city in the eastern Netherlands, in the province of Overijssel, in the Twente region. The municipality of Enschede consisted of the city of Enschede until 1935, when the rural municipality of Lonneker, which completely enclosed the city, was annexed after the rapid industrial expansion of Enschede, which had begun in the 1860s and involved the building of railways and the digging of the Twentekanaal. Modern shopping centers and department stores that until recently were only found in much larger cities have been opened. Enschede is host to many yearly festivals and the Old Market Square is often the venue for events, live music and other activities on the weekend. After some hesitation on the part of the city council, Enschede was able to host Roze Zaterdag in the summer of 2004 which was a huge success. ...
Groningen's nightlife depends largely on its student population, Groningen is the capital city of the province of Groningen in the Netherlands. It has population of 185,000, it is by far the largest city in the north of the Netherlands. Groningen is a university city, inhabited on average by about 50,000 students. Its cultural scene is vibrant and remarkable for a city of its size. In particular, the Grote Markt, the Vismarkt, and the Poelestraat and Peperstraat are crowded at night, especially on Thursdays and Saturdays when some bars do not close until 7 in the morning. In 2006, Groningen was elected "de beste binnenstad" (the best city centre) of the Netherlands.
Haarlem is the capital of the province of North Holland, the northern half of Holland, which at one time was the most powerful of the seven provinces of the Dutch Republic. It is situated on the river Spaarne, about 20 km west of Amsterdam and near the coastal dunes. Haarlem in the past usually Harlem in English, It is a municipality and a city in the Netherlands. It has been the historical center of the tulip bulb-growing district for centuries and bears the nickname 'Bloemenstad' (flower city), for this reason. The municipality of Haarlem also comprises part of the village of Spaarndam, a newer housing estate forming part of the municipality of Haarlemmerliede en Spaarnwoude.
Haarlemmermeer' s main town is Hoofddorp. It is one of the largest towns (pop. 70,030) in the Netherlands whose name is not used as the name of a municipality. Haarlemmermeer is a municipality in the Netherlands, in the province of North Holland. It is a polder, consisting of land reclaimed from water, and the name Haarlemmermeer means Haarlem's Lake, still referring to the body of water from which the region was reclaimed in the 19th century. This town, together with the rapidly growing towns of Nieuw Vennep and Badhoevedorp, forms part of the Randstad agglomeration.
The city is situated on both sides of the Meuse river in the south-eastern part of the Netherlands, near the Belgian and German borders. The municipality borders the Dutch municipalities of Meerssen to the north, Margraten in the east, Eijsden in the south whilst it borders the Belgian municipalities of Lanaken and Riemst in respectively the west and southwest. Maastricht is a city and a municipality in the southern part of the Dutch province of Limburg, of which it is the capital. The city is part of the Meuse-Rhine Euroregion, a Euregio whose other main cities include Aachen, Germany and Hasselt and Liège in respectively Dutch-speaking and French-speaking Belgium. Maastricht is known for its picturesque squares, romantic streets, and historical buildings. The main sights include: City Fortifications, Markt, Entr...
In the east of Netherland and near the German border, Nijmegen is a municipality. It is considered to be the oldest city in the Netherlands and celebrated its 2000th year of existence in 2005.The Nijmegen Statement said: "Any form of Inquisition however subtle, not only harms the development of sound theology, it also causes irreparable damage to the credibility of the church". The signatories, a group of predominantly German-speaking theologians asserted that "the freedom of theologians, and theology in the service of the church, regained by Vatican II, must not be jeopardized again." The signatories pledged their loyalty to the pope, but argued that the teaching office of pope and bishops "cannot and must not supersede, hamper and impede the teaching task of theologians as scholars."
Rotterdam The municipality is the second largest in the country (behind Amsterdam), with a population of 584,046 as of January 2007. Rotterdam the city and municipality in the Dutch province of South Holland, situated in the west of the Netherlands. It forms the southern part of the Randstad, the sixth-largest metropolitan area in Europe, with a population of 6.7 million.The port of Rotterdam is the largest in Europe. From 1962 to 2004, it was the world's busiest port; then it was superseded by Shanghai. Rotterdam is locaed on the banks of the river Nieuwe Maas ('New Meuse'), one of the channels in the delta formed by the Rhine and Meuse rivers. The name Rotterdam derives from a dam in the Rotte river.
Tilburg is located in the southern province of Noord-Brabant. It is landlocked municipality and a city in the Netherlands, located in the southern province of Noord-Brabant. Tilburg municipality also includes the villages of Berkel-Enschot and Udenhout. Tilburg University (formerly the Katholieke Universiteit Brabant) is located in Tilburg. A 10 day-long funfair (site in Dutch), the largest of the Benelux, is held in July each year. The Monday of fair week is called "Roze Maandag" (Pink Monday), and is gay-oriented, though also enjoyed by many heterosexuals. With Three railway stations within the municipality: Tilburg, Tilburg West and Tilburg Reeshof. The tallest building in Tilburg is the Westpoint tower.
Utrecht is located in the eastern end of the Randstad, and is the fourth largest city of the Netherlands, with a population of 300,030 in 2007. Utrecht is the capital and most populous city of the Dutch province of Utrecht. It is The smaller Utrecht agglomeration including adjacent suburbs and annexed towns is home to some 640,000 registered inhabitants, while the larger region contains up to 820,000 inhabitants. With many ancient city-centre features like buildings and structures from its earliest origins onwards. It has been the religious centre of the Netherlands since the eighth century. Currently it is the see of the Archbishop of Utrecht, the most important Dutch Roman Catholic leader. Utrecht is also the see of the archbishop of the Old Catholic church, titular head of the Union of Utrecht (Old Catholic), and th...
Zaanstad the municipality was established in 1974 through the merger of seven villages. Zaanstad is the fifteenth largest city in The Netherlands. This quality makes Zaanstad unique: the dynamics of the city, the peacefulness of the villages and the extensive stretches of peat-meadow alternate in the Zaanstad landscape. This region has an industrial tradition of more than four hundred years, with many industrial monuments along the River Zaan as silent witnesses. This river is another important attribute of Zaanstad. This old peat route is 11 kilometres long, its two banks stretching 22 kilometres. Zaanstad cherishes its location on the river.
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