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Bordeaux is situated in southwestern France. This port city is the capital of the Aquitaine region. It is also the territory of the Gironde departement. Bordeaux is popular as 'world's wine capital'. Bordeaux has been producing wine since the 8th century. The city also hosts Vinexpo, the biggest event of the wine industry. This French city also carries research in military, space and aeronautics. Bordeaux's wine trade with the British Isles and Germany flourished during the 18th century and it was the golden age of the city.The city has about 1,17,000 hectares of vineyards and the annual production touches over 700 million bottles. The wine produce ranges from everyday wine to most expensive ones. The varieties include both red and white wines. Saint-Emilion, Pomerol, Medoc and Graves are the sub regions of the Bo...
Cannes France is a scenic city situated on French Riviera. Well known for the Cannes Film Festival that takes placeeach May, Cannes is also a very popular tourist city in Europe. It offers visitors great weather, many interesting tourist attractions, museums and some beautiful Mediterranean beaches. Popular activities in this fashionable resort community include sailing, swimming, shopping and attending the many visual and performing art events that are held at the Festival and Congress Centre each year. Cannes also has a castle and lovely parks.
Lille is the capital of the Nord-Pas de Calais region. In the 19th century, Lille became the centre of French industry. The city has large coal deposits. Lille is also the central part of the country's rail network. The city has one of it's nation's biggest university student population. It was once known as "the Manchester of France". Slowly over the years, the city has changed itself into a cultural hub with the help of government investments.Lille is a city that has a lot to offer its students. Some popular attractions of Lille are Palais des Beaux-Arts, Wazemmes Market, Vieille Bourse (Old Stock Exchange), Grande Place, Euralille Mall etc. There are many speciality shops in the city where shopaholics can indulge in shopping. Authentic Licence, Bidule, Michel Ruc, Carrefour, Philippe Olivier, La Cave d'Annie Paule...
Lyon is a typical stopping-off point for tourists heading to the Alps and the South, but it's an attractive destination in its own right. Situated at the crossroads of Europe, two hours from the ski resorts of the Alps and the Mediterranean, Lyon (the capital of the Rhne-Alpes region and the second largest contributor to the French economy after Paris) is more than worthy of a detour on the way to the sun or the slopes.
The coast line around France is known for its outstanding ports and cruise stops. Marseille is one such port of call situated along the coasts of France and is by far the oldest town in France. This city is the third largest city in France and recently it carried a very notorious reputation regarding itself owing to the high crime rate in the area. But in recent times it has done well for itself and freed itself from this malice. Today Marseille is a bustling coastal city with a good commercial port which brings in good number of ships each year and the town is therefore frequented by tourists and travelers. Its local fashion industry and its music and cultural events succeed in bringing in lots of youngsters to this bustling, lively city of Marseille.
The scenic city of Montpellier is situated in the southern region of France. As with most of the famous cities of this nation, Montpellier in France has a lot of heritage and culture behind it. It is a fantastic place to visit if you want to look at the great works of architecture and the culturally significant places of the city. The city is actually a grand place for roaming about on foot.If theres one place in the city that you cannot miss it is the Place de la Comedie. It is a large pedestrian only square and it is the favorite meeting place of the entire city. It has numerous cafes and restaurants where people go to simply relax and enjoy themselves. The name has no instant link with the place. It is named after the first theatre that was built in the area in 1870.
Nice is also Frances fifth largest city, and top cruise ship port in France. Almost 200,000 passengers use the Port of Nice-Villefranche annually. Situated in Southern Europe at the southeastern extremity of France, Nice is a privileged crossroads between the Alps, Provence, Corsica and Italy. The French Riviera is not only well-known for its coastline, and its unique weather.The ski resorts in nearby mountain villages have steadily gained in popularity over the years. Guaranteed sunshine, pristine snow and mountain peaks are all within easy reach of Nice. Easily accessible to Nice are the towns of Eze, Vence, Grasse and St. Paul. The route in their direction is one of olive groves and pine woods stretching for miles down to the shore. Foothills are carpeted with flowers in the light that inspired generations of ...
Paris is the capital of France and also considered as the fashion capital of the world. Paris is the city of lights and an ideal holiday destination for every age group. There is endless awe-inspiring city and Louvre to the little coffee shops everything is breathtaking. It is built on the ruins of the Roman city of Lutecia and it was formally founded in 360 AD as a fortress on an Island on the Sienna River. After years it was connected to the mainland from both the sides through wooden bridges. The city began to boom in the 13th century and now considered as the top most destinations for holidays. This city offers some of the best museums and historic centres of France and most probably of Europe. While booking Paris tour packages include major attractions of this city. It is also recognised for its cafés, theatres, ...
If ever a city had a soul, a place, a heart and a locality, a mind, it is Toulouse. Toulouse has been associated in the minds of occultists with mysticism to such an extent that in the Masonic Scottish Rites there is a mystical, mythical character recognize as the Knight of Toulouse
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