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Beijing, one of the worlds oldest cities, is the capital of the Peoples Republic of China, and the countrys political, economic, and cultural center. Located on the edge of the North China Plain, it is the second biggest city in the country with a population of more than 12 million. Beijing is a city of contrasts where the ultra-modern and the historical live side by side: the latest computers and cell phones coexist with the abacus; neon discos and nightclubs stand next to ancient temples. Inhabited by cave dwellers some 500,000 years ago and rebuilt by Kublai Khan in 1215 AD, Beijingonce a capital for Mongol and Manchuis designed to be one of the most important cities of the 21st century.Many changes have taken place during Beijing's Olympics in 2008. The China Studies Institute offers excursions in and around Be...
It is a challenge in that as much as how enthusiastic the people voted for its conversion; the same proud Candonians expect only the best changes and development in the most expeditious manner The newfound City of Candon faces a tough challenge to prove its worth after becoming the next city to the province of Ilocos Sur. Looking at a tight 3-year critical window to effect the needed changes in so far as growth and development becomes evident and satisfy the public's expectations, areas of change should now be identified, planned on and changed as soon as possible. The new City Administration should be decisive, focused and willful in promoting the essential changes and should also evaluate itself in the process in order to set safeguards just in case some other sectors might get adversely affected as a consequence.
The city of Guangzhou, well-known as Canton during colonial times, is located at the inner harbour of the Pearl River Delta, a low-lying piece of land at the junction of the His, Pei, Tung and Pearl rivers flowing into the South China Sea. Along with Hong Kong and Macau to the south, it is one of the three main cities in this agriculturally important region woven by streams and canals. It was founded in the 3rd century BC during the first of the great Chinese Dynasties, the Qin Dynasty. It is now the capital of the Guangdong Province and serves as the southern entry of China. Guangzhou has become newly workshop of the world. In and around its nearby cities, there are more assembly lines, factories, and mass production than anywhere else on the planet. Visitors seeking nature, history, or even culture are going to be so...
Shanghai is the major city in China and one of the world's major ports. It was established more than 700 years ago at the tip of the Changjiang River Delta on the East China Sea. By 1816, more than half a million people lived in Shanghai, and it became a successful commercial centre of China and one of the world's major ports. It was established more than 700 years ago at the tip of the Changjiang River Delta on the East China Sea. By 1816, more than half a million people lived in Shanghai, and it became a blooming commercial centre. Almost all households have access to piped water, electricity and garbage collection. The solid waste in Shanghai, which has a high organic content, is carried to the surrounding rural areas and provinces and used as fertilizer. Non-organic waste is reused in pit filling or brick making, o...
Shenzhen is attractive tourist place of China which is now becoming a mirror of Hong Kong in different ways, although it is developing much faster much faster and now boasts over 5 million visitors a year. Its man-made attractions are unique and the quality of the architecture shows the mind blowing creation of the Chinese people that will amazed you for sure. This place provides more than a hundred small imitations of the most recognized attractions in China, including Forbidden City, the Great Wall, Terracotta warriors, the Kunming Stone Forest, Guilin, Potala Palace and more. Shenzhen tours are ideal if you have less time and want to explore China quickly in a single day. If you want to explore great attractions of China plan Shenzhen holidays and experience the great culture of China. Shenzhen Museum houses calligr...
Tianjin is the sixth largest city of the People's Republic of China in terms of urban population. Tianjin, one of four municipalities in China, is also called "jin".Tianjin is the biggest opening up coastal city in north China and the economic center of Bohai Sea rim. It is also a well-known historical and cultural city. As far as natural resources are concerned, Tianjin has very rich reserves of petroleum and natural gas in Bohai and Dagang.There are 51 minorities in Tianjin. By the end of 2004, the population of Tianjin is 1.024 million.The city flower of Tianjin is rose, symbol of peace and friendship. The city tree is Fraxinus Chinensis, a salt and alkali resistant tree suitable to Tianjin.
Xian is in Shaanxi province, it is the provincial capital and it is the chief base of industry. As a whole, Xian covers an area of 9983 square kilometers and has a population of 6230000.The industrial system embraces such divisions of industry, as there is machinery, chemical engineering, textile, electronics, building materials, metallurgy and grocery. Among them, some kinds of the industries are in the important place in China. Such as electronic, textile, aviation, airplane, medicament, starter and so on. In agriculture, there is marketable grain, cotton and animal husbandry. The output of rape peanut, sesame seed, vegetables, fruits and herb medicine, etc. In Xian, the railway and the highway are very convenient. The airplanes can take you to nearly forty cities both in China and abroad.Xian is a famous historic an...
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